NEXT Gyudon 120g x 5 pieces (frozen)

NEXT Gyudon 120g x 5 pieces (frozen)

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We have perfected a plant-based Gyudon that has the exact same mouth-watering texture and taste of real beef bowls! 

We bet if you didn't know it is plant-based, you wouldn't even notice!


Our Next Gyudon pack contains onions and plant-based beef shreds, flavored exactly like the traditional way--simmered in a sweet and savory concoction of soy sauce, sugar, sweet sake and broth-- and thoroughly replicates that satisfying experience of a real beef bowl.

While many plant-based meat products use a lot of additives to replicate meat, our products contain no artificial additives or animal-derived products, making it not only an environmentally friendly choice but completely cholesterol-free and perfect for all generations of people to enjoy.


The best ways to enjoy it - Boiling method (easy).

Warm up the frozen package in hot water for about five minutes, then serve on top of rice and enjoy.

Simmering in a saucepan (even more delicious).

Let the Gyudon naturally thaw, then simmer it directly in a saucepan to let the plant-based meat absorb the flavor, and enjoy. We recommend this method.

Add red pickled ginger and shichimi togarashi if you prefer, and enjoy while hot.


Ingredients: processed soybean product (defatted soybeans, salt) (domestically produced), liquid seasoning (soy sauce, sugar, fermented rice seasoning, yeast extract, kelp extract, salt, brewed vinegar, shiitake mushroom extract, ginger powder), onion, rapeseed oil/food coloring (caramel color), (some of the ingredients contain soybean and wheat).

*This product does not contain animal-derived ingredients. It does not contain palm oil or white sugar processed with cow bone char, and the factory production line does not handle animal-derived ingredients. This product is suitable for vegans.